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  • About SDeFoundation™

    Strategic Decision Education Foundation (SDeFoundation™) is a membership-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Membership dues and contributions are tax deductible. read more ...

    Our focus is to help small nonprofit organizations and businesses maximize their positive results by facilitating strategic planning and strategic management research.

    SDeFoundation™ offers four programs:

    1. Strategic Planning: Strategic Planning Facilitation customized for your organization.

    2. Research: Strategic Management Research Project customized for your organization.

    3. Workshops: Several SDeFoundation™ signature workshops to address the needs of your organization.

    4. Coaching: Personalized Business Decision Coaching to help you achieve your vision.

    5. Website: Engage customers and clients alike strategically and interactively.

    6. Social Media: Share new product releases and engage new and existing customers and clients.


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  • Why Choose Us

    Mission and Vision

    We know you have a choice when it comes to a consulting services. You may ask the question, why choose Strategic Decision Education Foundation? We’ll start by giving you a few good reasons:

    1. Combined over 100 years of entrepreneurial experience.

    2. Lower price but higher quality is our competitive advantage.

    3. University Professors with Doctorate Degrees and Business Practitioners who hold Masters Degrees in their respective fields develop and facilitate our programs.

    4. Sponsorship for qualified nonprofit organizations.

    5. Review Membership Benefits.



    Our services are backed by 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisified with any of our services, please Contact Us.



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SDeFoundation™ Program Directors 

Dr. Jay Jiwani
Dr. Jay Jiwani
Biography, read moreJay Jiwani Biography.
Kim Bitzer
Kim Bitzer
Biography, read moreKim Bitzer Biography.
Terry Ward
Terry Ward
Biography, read moreTerry Ward Biography.

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  • Sponsorship SDeFoundation™ offers sponsorship to qualified organizations. In this way, your organization can still use our services even if it is not in a financial position to pay our nominal service fee.

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Join us. Use the Panel of Expert Advisors as a Sounding Board to respond to any Business Questions that you may have.

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